Activate Licence

Activation Steps

  1. Registration
  2. Activation Summary


  1. Registration and activation is required to start using your copy of ESET product. Failure to do so will result in reduced protection as you would not be able to get updates from our servers as well as limited support.
  2. This registration and activation page is only valid for activation codes issued for Malaysia. If you obtained your activation codes from other countries, please check the accompanying instructions as the website address will defer.
  3. Ensure that you received 2 sets of code, i.e. the activation code and the asset tracking code. These codes can be found on the product packaging.



Enter Activation Codes
*Case sensitive.
*Case sensitive.
Personal Profile
*Registered name. It can be your name, company name or organisation name.
Contact person.
*Registered email.
*Phone number.
*Choose yes if you wish to receive any updates from ESET.


Should the activation fail for any reason, please email to us at with your contact details and the activation code as reference. Our support personnel will assist you soonest possible.